Financial Planning Playbook

Want to Get to That Goal Line? You Need a Playbook

Sure, some goals are scored by pure luck. Some are scored through raw skill alone. But if you want to win the game, it takes a little bit more—it takes a solid playbook, one that’s tailored to your individual needs and circumstances and the game you’re trying to play.

At Centered Wealth Strategies, we start every client off with a customized financial planning playbook. Your playbook helps us see the big picture of your finances, understand your goals, and develop a strategy to bridge the gap from where you are to that goal line, no matter how distant it may be.

game strategy depiction

Customized to Your Needs and Lifestyle

We believe in building financial playbooks that are centered on you and customized to your needs—not a cookie-cutter solution or a strategy that worked for someone else. Your financial circumstances are unique, and your goals are different from anyone else’s. We respect that, and take the time to listen to what’s most important to you and what you want to accomplish in your financial life. 

Only once we understand you do we begin to develop a playbook that helps you to effectively manage all aspects of your financial activities in a manner that’s coordinated, focused, and driven to helping you achieve your own definition of success.

Maintaining Agility in Your Financial Plan

No playbook should be set in stone, and no coach should be rigid in their game plan. Winning in athletics requires the ability to pivot quickly, think on your feet, and adapt to changing circumstances. The same is true in finance. At Centered Wealth Strategies, we ensure that your financial playbook has room for flexibility, and is agile enough to adapt to your changing needs. We always offer multiple options and strategies to help ensure that we have room to maneuver through unexpected obstacles.

Additionally, we will constantly monitor how your plan is progressing using a variety of resources, including the eMoney wealth management platform. This allows us—and you—to examine your financial circumstances at a glance, at any time. If some aspect of your plan is underperforming, if your goals change, or life throws you an unexpected curve, we’ll coach you through adapting and pivoting your plan to continue serving your needs.
No matter what life throws your way, Centered Wealth Strategies will be here to guide you through the changes and ensure that your financial playbook keeps you on track to your goals.

FAQs about Financial Planning

What’s the Benefit of Having a Financial Plan?

Having a financial plan combines the benefits of having a playbook, a coach, and an experienced team to play the game with you. Your finances are complex, and we want to make sure we include every section of the playbook before we pursue those big wins for you. This includes using proper protective gear in the form of insurance to protect yourself, your family, and your assets.

How Does Insurance Fit into My Financial Plan?

Think of insurance as protective gear you wear during the game. You don’t want to step out onto the field without your helmet on because you could sustain serious injuries. Similarly, you need life and disability insurance to protect your ability to earn an income. The right insurance protection can protect your assets and prevent financial hardship. 

Do I Need a Financial Plan If I Already Have a Retirement Account?

If you already have a retirement account, you’re actively playing the game. But do you have any idea what the score is? And if things aren’t looking good, do you know what to do next? Your financial plan or playbook can help you make those kinds of decisions, whether the game has just started or you’re in the last quarter. 

Let’s Get Your Financial Life in Order

Our financial advisors are here to create your personalized playbook to help you win at your game. The financial plan we create for you will be your guideline for investment decisions. It includes a strategy on how to protect yourself with insurance, reduce your tax burden, and invest for your future. Call our team today to schedule an appointment. It’s time for you to get your playbook.